With its energetic movement, lively dance style and pounding rhythmic beats, Bhangra has quickly become a popular music phenomenon. Bhangra's influence can be found in new hip hop songs from many big artists (i.e.Jay-Z feat. Punjabi MC) and much of the music from the northern parts of India. Whether you are an experienced dancer or have never danced before, Bhangra is a great way to meet new people, get a great workout and have fun!

Please bring the filled out waiver form with you to class. Be sure to bring water bottles, and towels as necessary as you will get a workout!

The pricing is as follows:

Drop Ins 10 Classes Prepaid Payment Method
$15-$18 per class $12-$15 per class (that class time and location only) Cash, Money Order, or Cashiers Check.
NO Personal Check

Classes are normally taught every Saturday, as listed below. If these dates/times/locations don’t work for you, you can schedule a class or workshop for your area. Click here to schedule a class or workshop. Check the calendar below for the most updated schedule of classes. The calendar will inform you if we have class on each given day: