About Us

Boston Bhangra is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural understanding and mentorship for youths through a common thread: Bhangra. Bhangra has taken on many definitions in the past decade, and has a strong part in many individual’s lives for many different reasons. Our goal is to harness this positive energy, to give back to the community and grow as individuals and as a larger group. We have been committed to this ideal since 2000 when we were formed. Through the years we have grown with many different individuals being part of our Boston Bhangra family, including community members, and students of all ages from all over New England.

What is Bhangra?

Bhangra is a generic term that has been adopted to describe modern Asian Pop Music. However it is actually the correct term for the traditional Agricultural folk music originating from the Punjab region in the sub-continent of India. Traditional Bhangra has always played a major part in the life of the people, and forms an integral part of the fabric of the society. Though Bhangra has changed over time, it has always kept it's roots intact to the traditional forms of the dance.

Why is a Bhangra organization taking on this role?

Bhangra has become a common denominator that many South Asian's and non South Asian youths can associate too. Using this common ground it is easy to help build on individuals differences by first understanding their similarities. This similarity is what brings people together, and helps individuals strive to learn more about our rich culture.

As our membership grows, and more people get involved with Boston Bhangra, Inc., we see an endless number of possibilities in the future. Through one person at a time, we want to bring a sense of belonging through the education of commonality and help individuals continue moving forward without losing ties to their pasts and their heritage. In short, Boston Bhangra wants to help preserve culture and, of course, bring Bhangra to Boston!